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Best Land Clearing Services in the Texas Hill Country

We have years of experience helping to clear land in the Texas Hill Country. Providing services for rock milling, cedar brush / tree mulching and more. Our projects usually include home estates, roads, ranches, pastures, farms, solar energy, residential areas, commercial areas, and agricultural sites to name a few. We thrive when it comes to handling difficult terrain and are always happy to help with your land clearing needs.

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Your Go-To Texas Hill Country Land Clearing Company

Our land clearing company in the Texas Hill Country is experienced, reliable, and committed to providing efficient and cost-effective services every time.

We have a team of land clearing professionals who are trained in using the latest equipment and possess a deep understanding of the unique terrain in this part of Texas.

Our fleet consists of specialized machinery that is designed for dealing with steep slopes, thick brush, and rocky terrain – all backed by qualified team members who are well-versed in land clearing techniques.

We know that no two projects are alike, so we make sure to customize our approach accordingly. Our services range from cedar brush removal and mulching, to rock milling & crushing and construction site preparation.

By letting unwanted trees and bushes to thrive on your property, your creating an environment that’s inviting to the type of Texas hill country wildlife that you don’t want, as well as land that’s not rich in the nutrients and sun light that it needs.  Learn more.

Cedar Tree & Brush Removal

It can be easy to let your land go uncontrolled for a while and it’s recommended that you don’t let it go for too long. Cedar trees and brush can turn into little fire hazards, especially if they are within 100 feet of your home, according to Best Tree Care.

It’s even more important to hire a land clearing company that knows what they are doing, in order to remove them from your property. A popular method that we use here at Ranch land, is by mulching them down. Not only does it provide a safer environment, it’s also improves your soils fertility.

On top of that, mulch made from cedar trees can be used as a decorative element on your property for your gardens, flower beds, etc.

So, don’t wait until it’s too late and a hire a pro to tackle your cedar problems.

Rock milling is an efficient and cost-effective land clearing solution that can help to quickly and easily remove large amounts of rock and other debris. Rock milling prepares the terrain for residential and commercial construction sites or agricultural projects by grinding, crushing, and pulverizing rocks into smaller pieces without having to haul them away. This saves time and money while reducing labor requirements.

In addition to saving time, money, and labor costs, rock milling also has environmental benefits. By grinding up rocks, potential water runoff is reduced along with soil erosion. Additionally, crushing up rocks may release minerals into the surrounding soil which can help improve its fertility and structure.

Finally, when it comes to rock milling services in the Texas Hill Country, safety is our top priority. Specialized equipment is used that takes into account the unique terrain in this part of Texas so that the debris that’s created during the milling process can be handled safely.

We provide construction site preparation with the above mentioned services that can be applied for any commercial or residential area. There are a lot of reason you should prep your construction site before performing any kind of work. It will help provide a safer environment for your workers be removing debris that could turn into a safety hazard. Plus, making the land more manageable to work with. If you’re interested in learning more on how we can help, give us a call at (830) 572-5007.

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Recent Land Clearing Projects

Make your land dream-worthy with Texas Hill Country’s most trusted land-clearing partner! 

Clearing land for a home, ranch, farm, horse arena or whatever may be the case, can be very beneficial to your property. This can increase the value of your land, and make it easier to sell in the future. As well as open up space for any kind of projects you’ve been holding off on. See some of the before & after work we’ve completed. 

Why you should work with us?

Adam and his crew had quite the job to tackle on our rocky five acres in the hill country. Even after a few bumps, they were true to their word and didn’t finish until they left the property exactly as planned. They were professional, courteous, and took pride in their work. We’re excited to see the natural grasses grow back and actually begin to enjoy and use the majority of our land again. Would highly recommend them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to clear land in Texas varies based on several factors, including the area to be cleared, the terrain being cleared, and any special equipment or techniques needed. Land clearing projects can range from relatively straightforward tasks such as cedar brush removal – which involves cutting down trees into small particles for mulch – up to more complex operations like rock milling which necessitate specialized machinery and expertise.

For a good breakdown on pricing in the U.S., check out what Lawn Love has to say.

Land clearing begins with an assessment of the area to be cleared and creating a plan. This should include details like size, terrain, any special equipment or techniques needed, as well as potential environmental concerns. Once this assessment is complete, vegetation such as cedar trees or plants can be removed using specialized machinery like excavators, skid steers and tractors. Once all vegetation has been eliminated, further preparation can take place with services like rock milling.

When performing land clearing, it is important to consider the type of trees that should be kept in order to ensure a healthy environment and prevent potential hazards.

In general, trees with wide trunks, large crowns and deep roots should be preserved as they provide essential environmental benefits such as shade, wind protection, and carbon sequestration. These trees are also beneficial for wildlife by providing homes for birds and other animals.

Additionally, some tree species like oak trees produce acorns which can act as food sources for wildlife. Keeping these types of trees when doing land clearing will help create a more balanced ecosystem.

Furthermore, mature or old-growth forests are essential habitats for many species of plants, insects and animals that cannot easily survive in younger forests. Therefore, keeping mature or old-growth forests when performing land clearing services can help to protect these unique ecosystems that cannot be recreated easily elsewhere.

Ultimately, preserving certain types of trees when performing land clearing can help to create a healthy and vibrant environment where both people and animals can thrive.

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We specialize in land clearing services throughout the Texas Hill Country. While we do not provide land clearing services in East Texas, our experienced team of professionals is well-equipped to take on challenging terrain and provide quality results for our clients. The Texas Hill Country is a diverse and rugged landscape with rocky hillsides and thick cedar brush that require specialized machinery such as excavators and skid steers along with experienced operators to safely navigate the terrain.

Our team takes great pride in performing efficient land clearing operations while adhering to all safety regulations. With years of experience working in the Texas Hill Country, we have developed a deep understanding of the local climate and terrain to provide successful results that meet all client needs. If you’re looking for reliable land clearing services specifically in the Texas Hill Country then don’t hesitate to reach out to Ranch Land Rock Milling & Mulching

Skid steers and tractors are the most commonly used equipment for land clearing. Skid steers are versatile, powerful machines that can be used to clear vegetation and rocks from the land. They come with a variety of attachments that make them ideal for land clearing operations such as cedar brush removal, rock milling, and more. Tractors are typically larger in size than skid steers and can be used for heavier tasks like removing large trees or carrying heavy loads of debris away from the site.

Skid steers feature a revolving turntable mounted on top of tracks that allow it to move quickly in any direction. This makes them very maneuverable while still providing the power needed to tackle tough jobs like clearing thick brush or grinding down stumps. They also come with a range of attachments such as augers, buckets, blades, rakes, and more that provide added versatility while performing land clearing tasks.

Tractors are larger machines featuring two tracks instead of one that provide increased stability when moving across uneven terrain. They also feature adjustable treads which give them excellent traction when climbing steep hillsides.

Both skid steers and tractors are essential pieces of equipment for successful land clearing project. With their versatility and power they can easily handle the toughest jobs while providing efficient results in a timely manner.

Forestry mulching is a land-clearing technique that utilizes specialized equipment to grind down vegetation like trees and brush. Reducing this material into mulch helps promote beneficial nutrients in the soil and makes it easier for other plants to take root in its place. For more information on this topic, see our article “Forestry Mulching: The Complete Guide.”

We don’t service, ellis county, collin county, erath county and others. For more information and to see if we can service your area here in Texas, please give us a call at 830-572-5007 or submit our form online.