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Land Clearing Experts helping the Kendalia TX Area

We have the tools and equipment to help with clearing land for ranches, farms, residential & commercial properties for any type of projects you have planned. We’ve worked with great customers in the area and would love to treat your property as our own.

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Family Owned - Land Clearing Company Serving the Kendalia TX Community

We are experts at clearing land for residential properties, farms, ranches, and more. As well as making sure to get your site prepped for commercial purposes. Additionally, we can help you grind down rocks and mulch cedar.

We are always committed to helping the local community of Kendalia TX make better use of their land. We can relate to how difficult it can be to work in an area with rocky terrain or dense brush. See how we can help you today, by requesting a quote or giving us a call for more intormation.

Get Your Property in Better Shape With our Land Clearing Services

Our rock milling and grinding process helps land owners by providing them with a cost-effective and efficient way to break down rocks into useful materials. By using our precision machinery, we can grind and mill rocks into a fine powder, allowing land owners to create features such as pathways, driveways, pastures, retaining walls, or even water features in a fraction of the time it would take using manual labor.

The use of our machines also reduces the risk of injury for those who are working with rocks on their property. Furthermore, the use of our milling and grinding machines increases the reuse potential for those rocks onsite and decreases the need to transport them offsite. This then reduces environmental impacts from transportation emissions. Which also means that land owners can save money in the long run when utilizing our services for their rock milling needs.

It can be a big task trying to develop a new property and it’s even more important to work with a company that you can trust. We’ve been helping customers in Kendall County clear away those unwanted cedar trees and brush for years.

We have the right equipment and staff to handle any type of job. Cedar also has the tendency to potentially cause major fire hazards, as they catch pretty quickly. So, don’t hold off too long and hire an expert that deals with this on a daily basis.

Our construction site preparation services can help make the land your working on, much easier to work with. We use heavy duty machinery to help remove trees, rocks and brush in order to give you a clear area for new building projects.

Our technicians are trained with the best practices, ensuring your land clearing needs are done safely. On top of that, by using our services, you can speed up the development time for your project by having a more manageable piece of land to work with.

Skid Steer clearing rocky land in Kendalia TX

Latest Land Clearing Portfolio of Work

Here are some of our latest projects, as well as some before & after shots.

About the town of Kendalia, TX

Kendalia, TX, is an unincorporated community nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The area’s rich history traces all the way back to the 1840s when George Wilkins Kendall introduced sheep ranching, establishing the community’s agrarian roots. Today, Kendalia is a charming community with a population of about 459, which exudes a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and cultural charm.

The vibrant culture is prominently displayed in Kendalia Halle, one of Texas’ oldest dance halls. Which is well known for hosting live music events, serving as the heartbeat of the local music scene, much like the stalactites and stalagmites that form the rhythmic patterns in the nearby caves. Kendalia is close to two fascinating natural wonders, the Cave Without A Name and Cascade Caverns.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Kendalia offers excellent golfing opportunities. The Rebecca Creek Golf Course and River Crossing Golf Club are just a stone’s throw away, presenting an unparalleled experiences for golf lovers alike. Whether you’re a history buff, a music lover, or an outdoor adventurer, Kendalia provides a wealth of experiences that combine the charm of the past with the vibrancy of the present.

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